Our Project Kicked Off in Ptuj, Slovenia 

Our FOCUS project had its kick-off meeting in November 2023, in Ptuj, Slovenia. It was a two-day meeting, organized by the Public University of Ptuj, and took place on the 27th-28th     of November. Representatives from all project partners from six European countries (Slovenia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Greece) were in attendance in order to discuss the objectives, timeline, work plan and activities.  

During the first day of the meeting, after the partner’s presentation, several topics concerning the entirety of the project were discussed. More specifically, we firstly led the conversation towards the general objectives, activities and deliverables and then had a brief discussion commenting on the general issues. Following that, we discussed all Work Packages with an emphasis on WP2, WP3 and WP4 which correspond to the three deliverables of FOCUS. The day concluded with an open discussion between all partners.  

On the 2nd day, the largest portion of the day was occupied with the specifics of WP2. After the partners from the University of Ptuj had reviewed technicalities about management, budget distribution, presentation of templates, time sheets and reporting tools, the attention shifted to an in-depth analysis of the activities of Work Package 2. Finally, we discussed our next meeting and the future steps of the timeline. 

We left Ptuj having aligned ourselves with our objectives and having established great working relationships between the project partners, and thus, leaving us eager to make this journey along one another.  

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