Collaborative Learning and Digital Tools in Inclusive Education

There is a growing recognition of the importance of collaboration between different professionals in ensuring pupils’ success, particularly in the field of inclusive education. This collaboration is particularly relevant for children with special educational needs, who may require additional support in a broad range of areas. Working together, special education teachers, occupational therapists, speech and […]

Navigating the Challenges: Foreign Language Teachers, Children with Learning Difficulties, and the role of Digital-Based Learning Tools

Teaching a foreign language to children with learning difficulties presents formidable challenges, but the integration of digital-based learning tools offers a ray of hope in overcoming these obstacles. Foreign language educators are increasingly turning to technology to enhance their teaching methodologies and better support students with diverse learning needs. Our project, FOCUS, intents to utilize […]

FOCUS: Empowering Language Teachers for Inclusive Education

As we begin our journey towards our project’s set of goals, we are currently dedicated to introducing innovative methods, practices and tools in teaching foreign languages to children (6-12 years old) with learning difficulties to foreign language teachers, primary schools and foreign language educational organizations. This step will bring us closer to the completion of […]

Turning the FOCUS to inclusion

In December 2017, the EU adopted the European Pillar of Social Rights, a document highlighting the importance of social, educational and cultural dimensions of EU policies for building a common European future for a fair, inclusive and full of opportunities Europe. One of the central themes was the right to quality, inclusive education where everyone […]

Our Project Kicked Off in Ptuj, Slovenia 

Our FOCUS project had its kick-off meeting in November 2023, in Ptuj, Slovenia. It was a two-day meeting, organized by the Public University of Ptuj, and took place on the 27th-28th     of November. Representatives from all project partners from six European countries (Slovenia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Greece) were in attendance in order to discuss […]