PUP - Public University of Ptuj - Slovenia

Public University of Ptuj (LUP) is a modern, user-friendly adult education center, professionally recognized, highly experienced with rich mixture of programs for different target groups. With almost 100 years of experience in formal and non-formal education, LUP is the leading adult education center in region. LUP was established by the Municipality of PTUJ, for educational services, the implementation of which is in the public interest. LUP offers vast number of formal and non-formal learning programs for both professional and daily life, with high emphasis on inclusion of seniors through numerous activities for active ageing.

Our programs are predominantly under the domain of Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, and in the last years in the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs, and Ministry of Agriculture.

In the years 2008 – 2018, LUP was the leading organization for several projects on the field of lifelong education, ICT courses for seniors, workshops for unemployed, EU study visits, projects and activities for raising the level of literacy, workshops for younger people for motivating them to finish their education, different EU supported Erasmus+ (and former GRUNDTVIG PROJECTS) and a lot more. LUP is currently involved in several national and international projects: leading Norway Grants

project, being leading partner or partner in 8 Erasmus+ projects, and in 2 EU for Citizens projects.

We are a proud owner of the quality sign POKI, national certificate for quality implementation of educational programs n our portfolio. We have also been awarded Q-School Slovenia 2008 award and Best adult education facility in Slovenia in 2010. (Greece)

p-consulting is an IT, training and consultancy company, focused on web development, digital transformation and in business consulting. The company is working with schools, (C-)VET institutions, training organisations, chambers, NGOs and other public and private organisations in Greece and the EU.

Aim of the company is the digital transformation of businesses and organisations, through the innovative exploitation of existing tools guaranteeing a swift, sustainable, and effective process.


Main objectives of are the provision of:

  • training services addressing the needs of various target groups (young people, people with special needs, elders, immigrants/refugees, unemployed people, managers, start uppers etc.),
  • IT services, focusing on web development and creation of online educational platforms, and online training programs,
  • consulting services towards the environmental sustainability in business terms to enterprises in all sectors of economy,
  • managing and developing project services, mostly oriented to improve the quality of people, especially people from socially vulnerable groups.


Established in 2012 in Patras (Greece), the company has implemented more than 50 European Projects, hundreds of National Projects and has more than 3.000 co-operations in the field of IT and business support. The company holds EU awards of best practices, for seven of the Erasmus+ projects in which participated

Ethos Hub

ETHOS HUB is a Child and family Support Centre based in Greece providing support for children and family in different sectors, including psychologists, special education teachers, speech, occupational therapists and play therapists, offering:

  • (i) Psychological support (children, teenagers, adults, family); (ii) Consultancy; (iii) Speech therapy services; (iv) Special teacher services; (v) Occupational services; (vi) Treatment groups; (vii) Holistic health treatment and quality life monitoring, vii) inclusive sport programmes
  • Empirical literature surveys and scientific approaches, both in the field and in our HUB are continuously examined by our team to investigate interdependencies and effects on the way several daily activities influence human to human interactions and individuals.

Centre For Competence Development Cyprus Limited - Cyprus

CENTRE FOR COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT CYPRUS LIMITED (COMCY) is a non-for-profit Training, Research and Development Organization, active in the field of project management, training & consulting based in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

COMCY, focuses on the training and development of various target groups and sectors of the society, through the participation in EU programs and initiatives as well as at the implementation of training seminars in Cyprus and abroad.

The main aspects of experience and expertise of COMCY are:

  • previous experience in training and development activities (EU and National level)
  • expertise in the areas required and level of competence on it,
  • access to the direct and indirect target groups

OLYMPION High School

OLYMPION High School was founded in 2003 and has a rich history of providing quality education in a caring environment. It is a private secondary school located in Nicosia, Cyprus, providing outstanding learning opportunities in education. OLYMPION has established a safe and caring community, where learners are encouraged to discover and develop their unique talents and abilities. The school is certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth of the Republic of Cyprus and focuses on a strong academic curriculum.

Students at OLYMPION are expected to strive for, and achieve, excellent results, whilst also developing their full potential in all areas. The main goals of the school are, naturally, Academic Excellence, but also holistic personality development, and the cultivation of each student’s individual skills and talents.

As a human-centered school, our focus is on the student and the development of their personality and skills. Their progress is monitored closely by their teachers through the use of cognitive ability tests early on in their educational journey, setting individual targets for them and developing strategies to ensure that each child is approached through using the appropriate tools and methods in order to maximise their learning experience and add value to their education.

As a school, we are passionate about Erasmus projects and believe in providing students with as many opportunities as possible to interact with their peers coming from other countries and to explore the European Union and what it has to offer to them. Along with focusing on learning through innovative programs, we ensure that students develop anthropological ideas and intercultural understanding, as well as the values ​​of freedom, justice, and democracy. School life evolves through mutual respect, mutual understanding, tolerance, and coexistence. The school takes pride in the students’ overall performance as each one of them is a special individual, with certain gifts and talents.

OLYMPION believes that providing a framework of care and support for the students plays a vital role in their development within our multi-cultural student body. The school supports the unique range of social, emotional and personal needs that make every student special, ensuring that each one of them is able to make full use of the learning opportunities within the school.

Associació de Programes Educatius OpenEurope

The Association of Educational Services “OpenEurope” is a not‑for‑profit organisation that aims at involving educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in carrying on projects and programs that seek a life-long learning process. Our programs are designed to develop the participants’ communication, leadership and occupational skills. A special attention is paid to strengthening the capacity of non-governmental organizations and volunteerism to solve or improve social problems, especially those related to civil participation, immigration, and technology at the service of the people or Smart Cities.

Errotu Taldea S.L.P. - Spain

ERROTU is a SME founded in 2014 and located in San Sebastián, working around specialised vulnerable groups, specially ageing society, and those disabilities or accessibility needs. It has two working lines: on one hand, Consultancy and Training, and on the other hand, Managing, Developing and assuring the Quality of Projects, all oriented to improve the life quality of people, especially vulnerable groups.

For more than 15 years, they have worked in consultancy for public and private institutions, quality management, project management, training and they have been speakers at several congresses and forums. They have taken part and developed both national and international R+D projects, most of them working with people with disabilities.

LESTU (Lithuania)

A modern, dynamic and politically independent organization created to effectively protect the social, economic and professional interests of its members and other educational staff at all levels – national, regional and institutional – and to influence education policy-making to address the needs of citizens of the Republic of Lithuania.

LESTU team consists of qualified professionals who carry out legal analysis and research, provide member education, staff development training, provide member training on a variety of topics, participate in and assist in the preparation of various levels of collective bargaining.


FORMA.Azione started its activity in 1997 as an Association of Professionals and Consultants, highly specialized in Vocational Training Services as well as Adult Learning. The FORMA.Azione mission is to create concrete opportunities for the professional and social development of the target groups, to improve access to training, in particular for low skilled adults and workers, elderly people and women, to support career and individual guidance and the related validation mechanisms, to encourage self-consciousness in managing careers and active ageing, to promote women’s access to and participation in all levels of the labour market also by combating gender stereotypes in vocational training, career selection and professions.
It is an Accredited Regional Training Centre, since 2003 working with Public National and EU funds. Since 2002 it is ISO 9001Certified, for designing and provision of vocational training and Adult learning services.


OMNIS is a cooperative society founded in 2008 with the objective of fostering exchange and dialogue among individuals from different ethnic backgrounds in Umbria. However, in 2010, OMNIS underwent a change in leadership and shifted its focus solely to vocational training. As part of this transition, OMNIS became an accredited training institution in the Umbria Region in October of that year and began developing European training courses. Additionally, it secured accreditation from various interprofessional funds to offer continuing education opportunities. OMNIS aims to provide ongoing professional guidance to companies, entrepreneurs, and workers, with a focus on skills development and enhancement of professional resources in businesses. The organization is committed to fostering innovation in vocational training policies, aligning with regional, national, and European economic development strategies, and creating partnerships among training organizations, educational institutions, and the labor market.