Collaborative Learning and Digital Tools in Inclusive Education

There is a growing recognition of the importance of collaboration between different professionals in ensuring pupils’ success, particularly in the field of inclusive education. This collaboration is particularly relevant for children with special educational needs, who may require additional support in a broad range of areas. Working together, special education teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and other professionals can identify the specific needs of individual pupils and design personalised interventions that promote their overall development.


In today’s educational context, the importance of the emotional well-being of learners is increasingly underlined. Effective learning cultivates the social-emotional skills that enable students to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy and resilient way. In addition, technology is contributing to this phenomenon and transforming the way classrooms around the world teach and learn. From the use of digital whiteboards to the implementation of online educational platforms, technology truly offers professionals new opportunities to personalise learning and meet the individual needs of learners.


Our project, FOCUS, will help equip both educators and children with the right tools for this purpose. One of our project’s results is the creation of Digital games which are to be a part of the lesson itself. Through gamification, students are immersed in interactive environments that promote active participation and engagement with educational content. These kinds of digital games provide a fun way to learn while enabling the development of cognitive, social and emotional skills.


All of us in the FOCUS program, we aim at helping educators conduct their lessons in such a way that can be conducive to foreign language learning while at the same time respects pupils’ different abilities. It is a fact that modern educational environments should take full advantage of what technology has to offer and what research has shown that works. Our project, FOCUS, stays in tune with both those aspects for the maximum benefit of foreign language teachers and ultimately, every foreign language learner.

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